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Procedure for Secret Ballot Vote of Employees

All employees are entitled to vote but not required to do so. Voting is by SECRET BALLOT. Special arrangements, as described below, are necessary to ensure SECRECY.

  1. An Officer of the Board will be present at the time and place stated in the Notice of Vote and will conduct the vote for the Labour Relations Board.
  2. Scrutineers will be appointed by the parties to ensure proper conduct of the vote and to assist in the identification of employees.
  3. The ballot will be identical to the one shown on the Notice of Vote.
  4. The ballot will be marked in privacy, by marking "X" in the square indicating your choice, and the ballot should then be folded.

All voters will be given a ballot and a Secret Ballot envelope. All agreed ballots will be placed directly into the ballot box. After the ballot has been marked, the voter will:

  1. Fold the ballot and seal it in the unmarked Secret Ballot envelope provided.
  2. Place the envelope directly into the ballot box.

All ballots not agreed will be segregated in the manner detailed below.

  1. After the ballot has been marked and placed in the Secret Ballot envelope, the voter will return the sealed envelope to the Board's Officer.
  2. The Board's Officer will place your envelope in a second envelope with your name on it and then deposit it in the Ballot Box.
  3. Upon completion of the balloting, the Ballot Box is sealed and returned to the Labour Relations Board office in St. John's, where it will be counted at a later date in the manner described below.

Secrecy Will Be Maintained During The Count

Eligible ballots, as determined by the Board, will be counted by Board Officer in the presence of scrutineers representing the parties.

  1. When the ballot box is opened, the segregated ballots will be removed from the ballot box and envelopes for all employees excluded by the Board's decision will be immediately destroyed and not opened.
  2. The remaining ballots will then have the outside envelope containing the name removed and the inner Secret Ballot unmarked envelope put back in the ballot box.
  3. The ballot box will again be opened and the still folded ballots removed from the Secret Ballot envelopes and returned to the ballot box.
  4. The ballots will then be counted in the usual manner.

This procedure ensures the secrecy of your vote. All of the counting will take place under the supervision of an Officer of the Labour Relations Board.

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